Frequently Asked Questions

The HomeHUB© was created to provide a one-stop online resource for products and services for housing professionals to use to assist their consumers  obtain, retain and maintain a home.  Housing professionals will be able to access information for a variety of resources on HomeHUB; such as first mortgage options, down payment and closing cost assistance programs, refinance products, homebuyer education and much more. The goal of HomeHUB is to provide ready access to up to date information that can help facilitate the home buying and home owning process.

How does HomeHUB work?

HomeHUB provides several categories to choose from. Indicate the product or service you are looking for in the particular county or region and the database will filter through the information to narrow your search. A listing of products or services with program details and/or eligibility requirements will appear along with additional contact information.

How often are these products and services updated?

Products and services are updated monthly.

Who can benefit from this information?

Housing professionals in Pennsylvania who are working with first-time homebuyers, repeat buyers or homeowners.

What types of products and services are available?

There’s a variety of resources available which includes homebuyer programs, refinancing options, foreclosure prevention, free homebuyer education, downpayment and closing cost assistance programs. Programs have a particular benefit to low and moderate income Pennsylvanians.

What can I submit as a product or service?

HomeHUB is geared towards housing professionals as a way to assist their consumers. Products and services submitted to the site should have a particular benefit to low and moderate income people, although need not only be for those folks. An example includes down payment or closing cost existence. An example of something that would not be featured on the site is a general post for a realtor’s service. They are not offering any particular benefit to LMI people, and thus do not fit on HomeHUB.

Is there is a fee for organizations to partner with HomeHUB?

No, there’s no cost to partner with HomeHUB. To list your products or services, please complete the Product Request Form.