FAQ for Housing Counselors

The HomeHUB© was created to provide a one-stop online resource for products and services for housing professionals to use to assist their consumers obtain, retain and maintain a home. Housing professionals will be able to access information for a variety of resources on HomeHUB; such as first mortgage options, down payment and closing cost assistance programs, refinance products, homebuyer education and much more. The goal of HomeHUB is to provide ready access to up to date information that can help facilitate the home buying and home owning process.


How will HomeHub© help me counsel my clients better?

HomeHUB provides a collection of resources for housing professionals. Using the HUB, counselors can access resources that could be valuable to their clients seeking to purchase a home, struggling to pay their mortgages, or facing foreclosure. Each resource available is categorized for easy reference. To find a resource for your client, click on the category or categories most applicable to your client’s situation.


Are the resources local for my clients?

Many of the resources are state-wide, but resources can be localized by selecting the county or region you would like to search by in the field section on the right hand side of the home page.


Can I submit any type of counseling product to HomeHUB?

Organizations providing credit recovery, pre-purchase counseling, and both delinquency and non-delinquency counseling services should be a HUD-certified housing counseling agency or have adopted the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling.  More information about HUD’s Office of Housing Counseling can be found here and more information about the National Industry Standards can be found here.


What if a resource is incorrect or no longer available? What if I have resource that I want to add?

Please contact Victoria Bourret at info@housingalliancepa.org. You can call her at (215) 576-7044.

HomeHUB Editorial Board

The content of HomeHUB© is informed by a Editorial Board which consists of representatives of key statewide stakeholder entities that believe in the importance of rebuilding homeownership in Pennsylvania. For additional information, visit our "About" page.