Nonprofit SUN Initiative – Foreclosure Prevention Resource

Nonprofit SUN Initiative helps Pennsylvania homeowners facing foreclosure or who are behind on their mortgage payments to repurchase their homes with a new mortgage that they
can afford. Since 2009, SUN has helped nearly 800 families in five states stay in their home – reducing their mortgage principal balances and monthly payments, on average, by 35%. SUN helps stabilize neighborhoods by stopping foreclosure-related evictions and vacancies before they occur. SUN is a program of 30-year-old nonprofit community development financial institution Boston Community Capital. To find out more, click here.

Phone: 855-604-4663 (toll-free)


Additional Information: Eligibility: To qualify for SUN, a homeowner needs to be (1) late on their mortgage, (2) live in Pennsylvania and (3) have a stable income (SSI qualifies as income).

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