Everything You and Your Team Need to Promote Your HomeHUB Products and Services, and Spread the Word About the Invaluable, FREE One Stop Info Shop for Housing Professionals.

We’ve put together everything you need to promote HomeHUB, including ways to add your This toolkit provides easy-to-use tools you can utilize to get the word out about HomeHUB. Promoting HomeHUB will advance its purpose of educating housing professionals about current homeownership products and services that can be used to support their clients in buying, maintaining or repairing a home.


What you’ll find inside…Home_Hub_Toolkit_Preview

The HomeHUB Promotional Toolkit

A easy to read, PDF document with information and suggested uses of all the files you have downloaded, including sample posts and tweets, step-by-step instructions for using Facebook Timeline Photo Frames, promotional language and keywords, and creative ways you can celebrate your organization’s products and services’ publication on HomeHUB!


Facebook Cover Photos and Facebook Timeline Photo Frames

Create colorful, eye-catcHome_Hub_Toolkit_Timeline_Previewhing posts for your Facebook page in order to share about the value of HomeHUB©! Consider temporarily changing your organization’s Facebook cover page to celebrate the site’s launch, or to promote the publication of your organization’s products and services. And of course, tag and share with other individuals and organizations who would benefit from HomeHUB’s availability.


No photos? No problem.

We’ve provided generic frames with photos from the HomeHUB library, so you can still share and promote the work and mission!


Promotional FlyerHome_Hub_Toolkit_Flyers_Preview2

We have provided an informational flyer in the toolkit that may be printed, e-mailed, added as a thumbnail to your website, or embedded on a page. We encourage you to to circulate among housing professionals and keep a copy nearby to reference the official promotional language of HomeHUB.





Promotional PostcardPostcard_Preview

We have provided an informational postcard in the toolkit that may be printed, e-mailed, added as a thumbnail to your website, or embedded on a page. We encourage you to circulate among housing professionals and keep a copy nearby to reference the official promotional language of HomeHUB.


E-mail Footer

A great way to promote the use of HomeHUB© is by including a blurb in your email footer. The moreHome_Hub_Toolkit_Signatures_Preview
people that view HomeHUB, the greater chance it has of spreading housing professionals’ awareness about homeownership products and services in PA.


Website Footer

We also encourage you to promote HomeHUB on your website using the HomeHUB logo. Enabling as many people to access the site as possible is a major goal of HomeHUB, in order to promote rebuilding homeownership in PA.