FAQ for Builders

The HomeHUB© was created to provide a one-stop online resource for products and services for housing professionals to use to assist their consumers obtain, retain and maintain a home. Housing professionals will be able to access information for a variety of resources on HomeHUB; such as first mortgage options, down payment and closing cost assistance programs, refinance products, homebuyer education and much more. The goal of HomeHUB is to provide ready access to up to date information that can help facilitate the home buying and home owning process.


How is HomeHUB© useful to builders?

HomeHUB can be utilized by your prospective homebuyers, who may need assistance in obtaining a mortgage for their home. The HomeHUB features a variety of counseling agencies, as well as agencies that provide mortgage products and other types of resources designed specifically to help make the home buying transaction easier. If your homebuyer is at a loss as to how to get started with their home buying process HomeHUB is a great place to start.


Will all my clients find this site useful?

HomeHUB is designed to promote homeownership opportunities in Pennsylvania. If your consumers are in need of assistance to achieve their dream of homeownership, the resources provided by the HUB may be useful.


Will my clients or I have to pay a fee to use the site?

No, use of the site is available at no cost to all.


Can I use this website to advertise my building services?

Advertisements for specific building services will not be considered for the HUB.


How can I spread the word?

By sharing the link to the site and the logo with other local housing professionals serving your area and using the link to help promote homeownership in your market area.


HomeHUB Editorial Board

The content of HomeHUB© is informed by a Editorial Board which consists of representatives of key statewide stakeholder entities that believe in the importance of rebuilding homeownership in Pennsylvania. For additional information, visit our "About" page.