Self Determination Housing Project of Pennsylvania (SDHP): PA Accessible Housing Program

SDHP has long advocated that people with disabilities and older adults must have safe, affordable, accessible, and non-segregated housing. Individuals with disabilities and older adults, like all people, are entitled to choose where and with whom they live, and not be relegated to the fringes of communities or forced into institutions for lack of livable alternatives.  The PA Accessible Housing Program (PAHP) provides grants that will enable low and moderate-income persons with permanent disabilities and older adults to make their current home more accessible.  To find out more, click here .

Contact: Cecila Jenkins


Phone: 1-877-550-7347 or 610-873-9595


Additional Information:  The program assists people with permanent disabilities and older adults living in counties that have not applied for PA Accessible Housing Program funds and whose annual gross household incomes fall at or below 80% of the median income or 235% of poverty level, whichever is higher, as set by HUD.  An applicant must have a permanent disability or be elderly and have limited access to or use of the property.

The homeowner must be current with the real estate taxes and cannot be in the process of foreclosure. In addition, every homeowner must have current home owners insurance.  Applicants who rent a home or apartment must have written approval from the landlord for modifications, and a commitment to correct any code violations.  PA Accessible Housing funds cannot be used to modify units owned or operated by public housing authorities or a facility licensed by the Department of Human Services.

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